After much consideration, we have decided to discontinue offering Venture Event Manager in both free and Pro versions to the general public. While the response has been wonderful, we made the decision as a company to focus more of our resources on UpStageCRM, our new ticketing CRM designed for Arts & Culture organizations.


Are you stopping development entirely?!?!
No. Quite the opposite, we’re ramping up our work with a BIG update coming out soon but we’re returning to our original model of making VEM available to full Venture Platform users. If you would like to integrate VEM into your website, reach out and inquire about becoming a full Venture Platform user.

What if I already have a VEM Pro license?
The good news is you will be able to continue renewing your license each year. We’re reaching out to every Pro user directly with instructions on what you can do to keep your license going and how to obtain updates.

How long will the documentation site be available?
We’ll leave the documentation up for the foreseeable future. Everyone with a Pro license will benefit from a new documentation site and ability to reach out for direct support.

Why can’t I access my account?
If you created an account to download the free version, we’re still making it available at the WordPress repo for a few more months. You can download the most recent version there but please know it will not be supported nor will you be able to download new versions. For Pro users, if you need the most recent copy, please send us an email from the email address you used to create your account.

Still have questions?
By all means, reach out and ask. We aren’t going anywhere and are happy to answer whatever questions you have.