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yep, free

Simple, lightweight, and powerful but still all kinds of awesome.

Pro Single User

$149 per year

One year of unlimited support and updates on a single site.

Pro Developer

$499 per year

One year of unlimited support and updates on 25 sites.

We ♥ Nonprofits!

As a nonprofit, you get 33 percent off your very own Venture Event Manager pro single user license. That brings your price down to only $99 per year!

All we need is a link to your Guidestar page or a copy of your nonprofit articles of incorporation and we’ll send you a personalized discount code. Better still, the discount applies to each annual renewal for as long as you remain a user.

Limit, one discount per nonprofit.

Pssst…Buddy. Over Here.
Lookin’ For Some Custom Development?

Quite often, our users engage our expert coders for some custom programming to develop a specific function or feature that goes above and beyond standard functionality. Whenever possible, we try to complete this work so that the final product can be packaged as a stand alone plugin and sold as one of our premium add-ons.

And with our revenue sharing program, you can earn back up to 100 percent of the original development costs. We’re the only event management developer willing to share the wealth with our users and help them turn an expense into an investment. For example, our Teams, Logos, Event Occurrence CSV Importer, and Automated Event RSS Email Campaigns add-ons are all part of our revenue sharing program.

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Upgrade To The Venture Platform

Venture Event Manager started it’s digital life as part of The Venture Platform, a fully hosted and managed solution for arts organizations and artists. With three annual license fee based plans, it’s the logical next step when you want to move from a self managed Pro license to something more robust.

As a full service web developer, we help users reach missions and expand careers. Check out all the cool people and organizations we work with, find the plan that works best for you, and learn why are users love what we do.