Sponsor Logos

Dealing with sponsor logos can be a real pain…until they aren’t!

The VEM Sponsor Logos add-on makes it easy to upload and assign sponsor logos to events. Accommodates image and text-only logos, you can even mix and match! Link out to sponsor URLs and create custom groups for easy assignment.


  • Accommodates image and text-only logos
  • Mix and match image and text logos.
  • Assign links to sponsor URLs
  • Create custom groups for easy assignment.

Packed with so much dev love:

  • CSS has been provided to make logo layout presentable out-of-the-box. Everything has a clear set of class names to make applying new CSS easy.
  • All the logos appear in a div, floated left. The container div automatically clears floats on closure, so it’ll play nice with stuff above and below it.
  • Right and bottom margins are 16px, so when it wraps, they will still be spaced nicely.
  • It handles all four combinations of supplying a logo image or not and a link URL or not. So your “logo” that is just a sponsor name will stay play nice.
  • Text-only logos position the text center aligned, vertically and horizontally, using the default CSS.

New Admin Functionality Overview:

  • Logo management admin panel.
  • Edit Logo admin panel.
  • Logos metabox on single event admin panels.
  • Logos drag and drop layout module on single event, archived event, and event listing layout settings panels.


Logos Admin Panel
Edit Logo Screen
Logos drag and drop layout module
Logos metabox found on single event admin panels